Saturday, May 12, 2012

Celebrating Catherine Ryan Hyde

Today I want to post something different. Hopefully some of you might now Catherine Ryan Hyde. She is an amazing YA author, and her work is as wonderful as she is as a person. Some of you might not know her as an author, but for sure most of you have watched the movie Pay it Forward, with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. She is the one who wrote the book that inspirated the movie. Here you have a link to Catherine's website.

This post is then to promote her work, and for that I am hosting a giveaway! The prize will be a copy of one of my favorite book by the author, Becoming Chloe. In case that the participants already have it, the copy will be any other book by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

To participate in the giveaway

The only thing you have to do to participate in this contest is to write a short story -topic at your choice-, no longer than 100 words. The reason being is that I believe in promoting writing. Most people think the most important thing is to persuade people to read more. Well, that is not possible if people do not write, is it? Beside all that, I also believe in people potential to write. I started writing essays and short stories and, at the beginning I thought they were really bad, but then some people asked me for more, and so I kept writing. Now I'm about to finish my first book.

That's why the only requirement to participate in the giveaway is to write some words. The best one will get the prize. In the event that more than one story deserve to win the contest, a copy of Becoming Chloe will be given to each participant.

The giveaway will take place the last week of June (June 23rd - June 30th).

And the contest starts NOW!



  1. The whole idea came from RoofBeamReader ( and Lauren (, where the author of the blog decided to do a 'pay-it-forward giveaway'.. You can have all the information there. The blog is really good, so feel free to have a look (:

    I personally want to thank these people.

    Thanks to people like them, writing makes sense.

  2. Thanks so much, that's very kind of you. I'm glad you're doing a giveaway and for a Catherine book no less. I enjoyed this one greatly as well. :)


    1. You are pretty welcome (:
      Actually, it is you who I have to thank! Such a good idea to do giveaways to celebrate your favorite authors!!

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    1. As I said, the topic is at your choice, and I have to say that I really enjoyed your British way of defending English.. haha
      Congrats! You are the first one to participate in the giveaway!! Hopefully, you won't be the only one..
      Good luck! (:

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  5. Izzy and Matt slouched against her locker, him leaning on her, pressing her arms at her sides, kissing her hard enough that they were the only ones in the hallway or maybe the school. Izzy’s torso crumpled in but she didn’t care—Matt’s weight rebuilt her, and if her hair got messed up, so much the better. It gave her that loved/smeared look she wore like a crown. Matt’s girlfriend. Matt’s skin and lips and hair and legs.

  6. "Words are like precious butterflies, hatched from the cocoon of emotion; the day he jumped, he took all the words with him. They said he came crashing down fifteen floors, he died on impact, not feeling a thing. They say I didn't speak for 98 days after. How do I tell them the truth? He didn't come crashing down, he flew, gliding gracefully, and it was tragically beautiful. And it did hurt when he hit the ground, and the sound it made was the same as that of a heart breaking. How do I know? Because that heart was mine."

    - Written by Hira Hasnain

    Thank you so much for this giveaway, and for holding this contest. I think the most difficult part about it was sticking to the 100 word limit specified. I think my submission is exactly 100 words! lol :P But, thank you for making it a creature venture, and for your generosity! :D

    Name: Hira Hasnain
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. Hey Abel-

    I emailed you about winning one of the prize packs, but I never heard back, so I have to move on and find new winners. Feel free to email me this weekend and if we have a prize pack left, it's yours.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com