Thursday, May 19, 2011

Regards from this side of the screen

Welcome to this, my personal blog. I created this website five minutes ago, when I finally decided I'd like to share some of my stories with those of you who like reading. Every week a new story will be posted, so that you can comment them, give your opinions about them, or even share your own stories with me and the other users of the blog.

Why am I doing this, I can't tell. I guess it's always been a dream of mine to become a real writer. Or maybe it's only that I have too much free time, don't I? But what really matters is that I believe in reading, and it would have no sense if people didn't write. That way, this blog has been created to encourage you to write and read, to let your imagination run wild and to let you share your works with other writers like me.

I'll be posting the first story tomorrow night. So I guess what's last to say is: nighty-night!


  1. Ey animo con el blog. Todavia no lo he leido que es muy pronto y mi ingles es un poco ... escaso. Pero la canción me gusta mucho :D

    Un besito


  2. Muchas gracias por el comment, Raquel :D

    Love you!